Welcome to the World of Frostmist. A island where wolves live and fight. Frostbite Pack and Watermist Pack are always at war.
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 My wolf, FieryFur

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My wolf, FieryFur Empty
PostSubject: My wolf, FieryFur   My wolf, FieryFur EmptySat Aug 27, 2016 5:35 am

Age:6 years old
Looks:My wolf, FieryFur CeliaWolf

personality: an adventurous white wolf, likes hunting and has grown strong from doing it so much, She can be irratated easily, and her mood changes very often,prefers to be alone with a trusted friend, is quite shy but will stand up if she gets too mad, sometimes she gets too cocky, and is Aromantic.
Other: I dont own this picture
enjoy Very Happy Very Happy cat cat cat cat

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My wolf, FieryFur
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