Welcome to the World of Frostmist. A island where wolves live and fight. Frostbite Pack and Watermist Pack are always at war.
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 The Story Behind Frostmist Island

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The Story Behind Frostmist Island Empty
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One day, on the mainlands, humans captured wolves and shipped them on boats to a place were they killed wolves for their fur. A disaster happened while a ship was out full of wolves, a storm came and destroyed the boat. The humans inside died but the wolves clung for life by climbing onto the wreaked pieces of the boat. They were swept by the waves to a beautiful island with a big mountain. The wolves were overjoyed to see such a prosperous land. They hunted and ate with happiness and slept without any care. One day, a wolf wanted to live on the mountain and asked other wolves to join him. Most of the wolves, didn't want to split up but some did go with him up the mountain. Those wolves soon learned how to catch quick rabbits and birds who came to the mountain. A wolf who lived near the sea decided to hunt on the mountain for a bit and try a rabbit. He managed to catch one but he was met with anger from the mountain wolves. They called him a thief and knocked him down the mountain and he died. The sea-shore wolves learned of this and called the mountain wolves traitors and told them they can never come on their territory. The mountain wolves agreed in anger and called themselves the Frostbite Pack. The shore wolves didn't want to look stupid so they came up with a name for themselves too, the Watermist wolves. War between these two packs has been going on for years and it is still currently going on.
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The Story Behind Frostmist Island
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